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The Fast and the Phineas Instructions

Hit the up button to accelerate and move forward, down directional key for slowing down and breaking, and the left and right buttons for steering. For customizing your car (which you will be doing A LOT), just use the mouse's left click button to check out the options. The controls of The Fast and the Phineas are easy and straightforward...BUT the game itself, HOWEVER, is HIGHLY original! Check it out...

The Fast and the Phineas Walkthrough

If you are looking for car games where customization comes first and influences the entire game play, car games that are light-hearted and meant to be played for fun and laughs during a boring afternoon, then The Fast and the Phineas is yours for the taking. Very original (except for the racing part which hardly is) and funny, this is one of those car games that will get you hooked up!

"Hooked up with what?" you might ask. While the racing part is not that addictive, the customization options definitely are! At the start of the game, you can play as Phineas, Ferb, or if you want to have a 2 player game instead, you can play as Phineas and Ferb. When you are done picking your game mode and player option, it's time to get to business - customizing your racing car.

This is where you will be spending MOST of your time. Wheels, chassis, engines, body kits, decals, and car name - you need to customize them all! Just to show you how MUCH options you have in The Fast and the Phineas, take a closer look at these figures:

Wheels (6 To Choose From) - Wheels for airplanes, racing cars, war tanks, and even wheels for strollers in grocery stores! This is the first part you need to attend to. And you better pick the right wheels for the race.

Chassis (7 To Choose From) - Whether you want a red chassis, blue, green, black, pink, yellow, or white - it doesn't really matter. It boils down to personal preference and taste.

Engine (6 To Choose From) - This one is crucial! Not all engines are created equal. You can choose the engine for a racing car, airplane, motorboat, battery powered-engine, and there's a potato-powered engine! YES, in The Fast and the Phineas, you get those weird selections.

For laughs, I decided to pick the potato-powered engine. While it got the car going, I think it would've been better if Ferb (the player I picked) just ran through the race track. Needless to say, I lost...while laughing!

Body Kits (9 To Choose From) And Decals (8 Of Them) - These are the last 2 parts you need to customize. You can pick a body kit that looks like that of a garbage truck, one that looks like a shark, there's also one that looks like Batman's, and those are just to name a few.

And as for the name, you can have up to 729 name combinations! Talk about customization, heh? The Fast and the Phineas - this is one of those car games game that are meant for laughs...not really for serious racing. If you are someone who likes cars - designing and customizing them, and maybe don't care much about the actual race, this game is for you!