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The Heist Instructions

Well, while the controls of The Heist is not ABC easy like most car games, it's still easy to pick up on. For interacting with the guys at the beginning of the screen, you just need to use your mouse. Click on the gray headed fella to be briefed with the missions. The other guy on the rightmost part of the screen tells you what upgrades you have at your disposal while the gal in between shows you who are the guys you can enlist. As for the actual driving, there's nothing really complex: use the arrow keys for steering. There are no brakes and the car or van just darts ahead. When you want to turn things into slow motion, which is really helpful for getting out of those narrow situations where you are about to crash into something, just use the Shift button. Onto the game...

The Heist Walkthrough

This is one of those car games for the criminal mind in training. While it doesn't necessarily sound good, The Heist is one of the more exciting games to play. Just make sure you remind your kids not to try what they see at home. By the way, this game is NOT to be mistaken with the game of an identical name - Heist, which is a horror game that received a lot of GREAT raves and reviews as well.

Summing things up, the idea of The Heist is to run a budding criminal organization that robs left, right, and center. Now, you don't have to worry about the action scenes - the actual robbing of a bank or a financial institution. All of those happen in the background. Now, this is sort of good and bad. Good since you don't have to worry about it and can focus more on driving and escaping the authorities. The bad thing, on the other hand, is you are missing out on most of the action. If they have added cut scenes showing the actual events, things would be so much better. BUT I guess that's asking for too much from a flash game.

Anyway, at the beginning part of the game, you will see your 3 accomplices. The gray headed guy (who looks like a veteran when it comes to organizing these attacks), a lady who has a lot of connections, and a techy looking guy...he actually looks more like a car mechanic.

The gray headed fella gives you the briefing...he tells you everything you have to know about the mission. You will talk to him level after level. The lady in the middle, on the other hand, knows a lot of specialists you can enlist to help you in your missions...for a price. Security systems expert, decoys, planning masterminds, hackers, stealth experts - whatever it is you are looking for, chances are she knows the rights guys to help. BUT be prepared to shell out some serious dough.

The guy on the rightmost part, though, deals with vehicle upgrades that boosts your van's performance. You can upgrade your engines to drive faster. Beef up your van with heavier armor to prevent you from losing credits due to crashing. Grab weapons that will help you dispose those pesky cops with ease.