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The Heist 2 Instructions

Well, this is one of those car games that have a real cool in-game tutorial system, which gives you hands on training. Although, I doubt its a good thing to have hands on training while escaping the authorities. Anyway, for the sake of completion, here's what the car manual has to say about the controls: use the directional keys or W, A, S, and D keys for driving. Hit the space bar to unleash your special ability. If you own a turret and you want to get rid of those police mobiles trying to ram themselves against you, just use your mouse. And last BUT not the least, the shift key gives a really cool slow mo effect. Slow motions are very useful and fun...and this is no exception!

The Heist 2 Walkthrough

Now we have 2 car games for the criminal mind in training: The Heist and The Heist 2! If you have ever dreamed of being Jason Statham in the Transporter and Transporter 2, this is your chance! Just like that kung fu fighting Benz driver, your mission is to get those criminals (yes, no sugar are helping criminals here) to the safe zone after they have robbed or pillaged a bank or what have you.

The overall goal of the game is to get 5 million credits. That's a lot if you ask me especially when you consider the fact that you lose credits when crashing against cars (crashing against police cars give an opposite effect for reasons science can't explain why). HOWEVER, you are not alone here.

You have 3 great minds working with you. First off, the guy on the right is Sam. As you can see in his attire, he's the automotive experts. If you need upgrades like: stronger and better engine, tougher armor, weapons like turrets and landmine dispenser, he's the go-to guy. But let me remind you, his services are NOT free. Start saving cash. This will come handy if you find any of his services very handy.

Next to Sam, the woman in the midde, is Megan. She's probably the most dangerous and deadliest of the bunch. When it comes to the 'underworld contacts' department, she tops the list. Whether you need a hacker, stealth expert, shiny new guns, planning mastermind, and whatever in between, you can count on Megan to have the RIGHT connections and the RIGHT guys...BUT for the RIGHT price!

Last BUT definitely not the least, we have Lester. He's the mission manager and right hand of the big boss. With that in mind, he has access to all of the plans. He tells you where you should go next, which missions to steer clear from for the time being, etc. If you know what's good for you, you better follow what he says.

You, on the other hand, after choosing a mission, should stay parked outside the place while your buddies do their thing. Needless to say, cops are out there to make it as hard for you as possible. You better keep an eye on them and use the walkie talkie to keep things tracked and keep your fellas updated. Call them back before things get out of control. When it's escape time, you are on your own. Drive like there's no tomorrow and make sure you don't get caught.

Who says car games have to be 'all clean' and law abiding? This one clearly isn't, which makes it twice as fun! Just remember, don't try this at home.