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Vehicles 2 Instructions

Vehicles 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Click on vehicles to make them move, then click on them again to make them stop. Click on the power button (or press spacebar), then click on a vehicle to make that vehicle activate its special ability. Click on objects to interact with them. You may press the R key at any time to restart a level. Specific actions are explained in the game.

Vehicles 2 Walkthrough

Vehicles 2 is a puzzle game and the sequel to the earlier Vehicles game. This time around, there are forty levels to complete, better graphics, a better soundtrack, and special powers that your vehicles may use!

As in the first Vehicles, the main objective of Vehicles 2 is to remove all of the black vehicles from the stage by ramming them with vehicles in your control or by using stage objects. Vehicles 2 also adds normal tasks that the municipal vehicles must carry out that will require you to park in specific places. Fire trucks must put out fires by parking in front of burning buildings, police cars must park in front of the police station and ambulances must park in front of the hospital. As was the case in the first Vehicles, you have unlimited tries to complete each level, and you may manually restart a level by pressing the R key.

Vehicles 2 adds a new level of complexity by including special abilities. Some levels do not require the use of these powers, so using them will make the levels easier, but other levels of this puzzle game require the use of special abilities. Since you have a limited number of powers per stage that is shared between all vehicles, you must wisely select which powers to use, and when to use them. Each vehicle type has its own special ability. Police cars can change direction, firetrucks have a powerful forward boost, and ambulances can jump into the air. The hotkey for special powers is the spacebar, or you may click on the button labeled "Power" at the bottom of the screen.

Some levels of this puzzle game require you to park vehicles in specific parking paces, while others feature green parking places that you may park any vehicle in. In all cases, ending the level with a vehicle properly parked in a parking space will reward you with one thousand points. To earn stars on a level, you must meet or exceed the score requirement displayed at the top of the screen, so parking your vehicles in the correct places may help you to reach this goal.

Vehicle 2 is a solid sequel to the first Vehicles. If you enjoyed the first puzzle game in this series, you will enjoy the improved graphics and gameplay of Vehicles 2!