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ZipZaps Street Rally Instructions

ZipZaps Street Rally is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the left and right arrow keys to steer your car and the up and down arrow keys to drive forward and backward respectively.

ZipZaps Street Rally Walkthrough

ZipZaps were a series of customizable radio-controlled cars sold by RadioShack. The line has been discontinued (and replaced by the XMODS product), but you can still enjoy playing with ZipZaps in ZipZaps Street Rally, a racing game based on the product. This car game features 3D graphics, two modes of gameplay, and numerous upgrades!

The two modes of gameplay featured in ZipZaps Street Rally are Street Rally and StreetCredz Scramble. In Street Rally Mode, your objective is to beat your computer-controlled opponent in a one-on-one race. There are three difficulty levels in this mode: Easy, Normal, and Hard. If this racing game is still too difficult on its easiest difficulty setting, then you will probably have to upgrade your car, which takes money. This is where StreetCredz Scramble comes in. In StreetCredz Scramble Mode, you must drive around a course, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Collect batteries to stay in the game longer and collect more money!

ZipZaps were known for their ability to be customized. This is simulated by the upgrade system in ZipZaps Street Rally. You can purchase items in the store using StreetCredz earned in Streetcredz Scramble mode. Be careful when buying items, because once you buy something, it is yours forever; you cannot sell it back to the store or get a refund! Some items, such as shells and rims are purely aesthetic, but gears, motors, and tires have an effect on your vehicle's performance. The most expensive items are the best in this racing game, so I advise saving up until you can purchase them. Once you have made your purchases, head back to the garbage to install your new items and soup up your car! Your data is automatically saved in this racing game, so any money that you earn or customizations that you make will be waiting for you the next time that you play.

ZipZaps Street Rally is a racing game that players of all ages can enjoy. Whether you are looking to reminisce the old days of playing with ZipZaps, or just a gamer looking for a fun racing game, you are sure to have a rip-roaring good time playing ZipZaps Street Rally!