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Zombie Smasher Instructions

Zombie Smasher is controlled by using the mouse. Click on vehicles to make them go and click on them again to stop them. The R key may be used to restart a level.

Zombie Smasher Walkthrough

Zombie Smasher is the sequel to the car puzzle game, Pipol Smasher. Zombie Smasher features superior graphics to its predecessor while retaining the same style of gameplay. The difference in this car game is that instead of running over civilians, you will be slaughtering undead, which seems much less vicious. If you insist on harming innocent citizens, however, you may switch to "People Mode" by clicking the button in the lower-left corner of the level select screen.

If you have played Pipol Smasher, the gameplay of Zombie Smasher will be easy for you to figure out. You must kill all zombies on each of this car game's thirty levels without allowing any of your cars to fall off of the stage. Your progress is automatically saved, just like in the previous game, so you may continue from the last unlocked level should you need to take a break. It should be noted that your progress for People Mode and Zombie Mode are separate, despite the fact that the levels are the same besides reskinning the zombies as people.

As was the case in Pipol Smasher, some levels of Zombie Smasher are straightforward, while others require more complex means of reaching the goal. The same general tactic of experimenting and restarting will also work in this puzzle game. It should also be noted that characters have dialogue at the beginning of each level. Pay attention to this dialogue because it may help you to figure out how to beat the level. If you didn't catch it all, you may wish to restart the level so that you can read it. Unfortunately, you will have to go back to the level select screen and select the level to display the dialogue again; restarting via the R key does not cause the dialogue to be redisplayed.

Like Pipol Smasher, Zombie Smasher is a car game that will challenge your problem-solving abilities and satisfy any urges of vehicular mayhem that you may have. If you enjoyed Pipol Smasher or you just like smashing zombies beneath tires, then you will enjoy Zombie Smasher!