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Zombie Taxi Instructions

Car games' control schemes are very easy to pick up on...the same thing can be said with Zombie Taxi. Start driving forward and aceelerate with the W button or up directional key. Take charge and steer your taxi using the A and D buttons. Alternatively, you can use the left and right directional keys. And if you want to slow down and brake, just hit the S button or down directional key. With that taken care of, let's check out the game...

Zombie Taxi Walkthrough

Zombies - we love and hate them. We hate them for how they look and for their desire to make a bloody lunch out of us carbon based humans. We love them...we love to tear them to shreds, turn them into Swiss cheese with bullets, and just obliterate them. And when you mix zombies and car games, you get Zombie Taxi!

The objective of Zombie Taxi is very easy to understand: the zombies have started their campaign against us...they are taking over the city. You, the taxi driver, is in charge of getting as many people out of the danger zone as possible. Pick them up with your taxi and drop them at the safe zone. HOWEVER, knowing how determined these zombies are at erasing mankind, this will NOT be an easy mission. You better act fast before the VIPs you need to save end up as lunch.

Believe me, this is easier said than done...BUT that's exactly the reason why it's a lot of fun! If you are NOT used to racing and car games, it may take quite some time to get a hang of Zombie Taxi. After all, this is NOT your typical zombie game. Nah, instead of pin pointing with your mouse and shooting with the left click button, you need to expertly maneuver your taxi to splat those zombies and save the VIPs.

If you are a car games enthusiast, navigating your way through the city - maneuvering in those turns, finding the VIPs, and everything else in between, should be a piece of cake. HOWEVER, the fact that you need to pick up the passengers can pose interesting challenges. Get this: you need to get them before the zombies do! You can drive as fast as you can so you get to the pick up zone first before the zombies do. BUT here's a better and MORE exciting way to go about it: run over the zombies and rejoice as they are splatted by your taxi one by one. That's also a great way to score MORE points.

BUT there is a risk to this strategy: you might end up running over and killing your potential passengers, too! OUCH. You see, this is a good option BUT not an easy task.

To make the game even more challenging, there is a time limit you need to keep an eye on: you only have 90 seconds...that's a minute and a half to get as many passengers to safety as you can. You have to focus on the passengers if you want to have a chance of making it to the next level. While zombie splatting is fun, you must not be side tracked from your mission, which is to save lives.

All in all, Zombie Taxi is one of the most addictive and exciting zombie and car games you can lay your hands on. Play it and it will surely keep you on your toes and glued to your computer's monitor for hours.