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Zombie Taxi 2 Instructions

Just like the previous installment of this game, the control scheme of Zombie Taxi 2 is very easy to pick up (typical of car games). Start driving forward and accelerate with the up arrow key. Steer to the left or steer to the right with the left and right arrow keys. Go reverse and slow down using the down arrow key. And when you are about to run over a VIP, hit the space bar to brake...come on! Don't be reckless. You are here to pick up VIPs and save lives. Anyway, with the controls take care of, let's check out the game...

Zombie Taxi 2 Walkthrough

YES, the best of zombie games and car games combined - Zombie Taxi 2. If you loved the first installment, then you will go nuts with this one. The whole idea stays the same. Instead of going through level after level where you need to shoot zombies, Zombie Taxi 2 puts you on the wheels of a taxi and your goal is to (1) pick up the VIPs and (2) drop them on the safe spot before they turn to juicy zombie lunch.

If you are new to driving and car games, this can be very challenging and FUN. After all, it's not everyday that you see zombie games where shooting them down isn't the priority. It's out of ordinary, it's refreshingly different, and it will keep you on the edge of your seats and glued to your computer monitor.

The first level's goal is to save 10 VIPs and splatter as many zombies as you can within the time limit. That may sound easy BUT for the starting Zombie Taxi driver, this is going to be a lot harder than you think.

The Wet Mode: this mode is locked at the beginning of the game. BUT once you unlock it, you are taken to a much more exciting and more addictive world of Zombie Taxi 2. This is a real treat. You will find more zombies marching against you, more helpless Vips to save, and since the road is wet, your car is harder to control and you need to take extra care when driving. The cash you earn after completing missions and levels can be used to buy more cars. And believe me, you are going to need it especially in the later stages of the game.

One important thing to keep in mind when playing Zombie Taxi 2: instead of trying to splat your zombies (which earns you points), focus on the main objective of the game: to save the VIPs and take your passengers to the safe zone. With only a limited amount of time and with a lot of guys to rescue, you can't afford to be side tracked. Bonus points and cash are great...HOWEVER, they are of no use if you lose the level because you flunked your main mission.

The graphics and design in this game is very basic, BUT does it matter? I don't know about you, BUT when zombies and car games combine, all I care about is if it's fun or not. Definitely, Zombie Taxi 2 belongs to the former 'fun' category and that's all that matters. Play the game now and see how addictive it could get!

Oh! By the way, take some time to know the controls like the back of your hand. That definiely helps.